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Private Client

Once you have decided how much to invest, our Investment Committee will draft a portfolio of blue-chip wines based on your budget and requirements.

Once we have signed a contract, we purchase the wines on your behalf and custody them within a third-party bonded warehouse.

Your assets are owned outright by you. We monitor the market over time on your behalf, and suggest a sale when the time is right to maximise returns. You can also instruct a full or partial sale at any time.

If you so choose, you can also instruct the assets to be taken out of bond, at any time, and delivered to an address of your choice.

We will highlight other investment opportunities for you throughout your relationship with WineFi, and you can monitor performance via email updates and, as of Q4 2023, our platform.


For investors seeking exposure to fine wine as an asset class via a structured investment product, we offer access to expertly-curated collections of fine wine through a series of structured investment products.

These funds are curated by our Investment Committee around a theme, typically on a regional basis. We store and insure them in a third-party bonded warehouse.

We manage these assets over time. When the time is right to maximise returns, we sell the assets and distribute the proceeds pro rata.

We work with companies like Splint Invest to offer access to collections of fine wine from as little as £50.

Shared Ownership collections are closed-ended, meaning that you are not able to withdraw your funds until the assets are sold. Each collection comes with an estimated time horizon.

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