🏁Getting Started

You have decided to invest through Winefi. Now what?

Private Client

Step 1: You choose an amount to invest

You choose an investment amount that is right for you. You can access truly investment-grade wines from £2,000. The more you invest, the more diversification.

For a globally diversified portfolio, we would recommend £25,000 or more.

Step 2: Our Investment Committee creates a draft portfolio for you

Our Investment Committee looks at the market and creates a draft portfolio based on your budget. This is a reflection of what we can access in the market at that point in time.

Step 3: We sign an order form

We sign a contract, which allows us to hold the assets for you for up to 7 days.

Step 4: You transfer the funds and we acquire the assets on your behalf

Once we have received the funds via bank transfer, we acquire the assets on your behalf. The assets are stored "in bond" in a third party bonded warehouse. You own the assets outright, and can validate the condition of your assets at any time.

Step 5: We monitor the market on your behalf, and make buy and sell recommendations

We track the performance of your portfolio and recommend a sale when the time is right to maximise returns. You can stay updated on performance through email reports and, as of Q4 2023, our platform. You can also instruct a sale at any time, or alternatively remove the assets from bond altogether.

Step 6: Sale and Distributions

When we receive an instruction to sell the assets, we will find a buyer on your behalf at the best available price. Funds will then be remitted to a bank account of your choice.

In the event that you decide to take the assets out of bond, we will transport them to your chosen address. Please note that in this scenario, transport costs, VAT and Duty will become payable.


via our partners.

Step 1: You choose a collection to invest in, and an amount to invest

We curate closed-ended collections around a theme, typically on a regional basis, and distribute them via our intermediary network which includes companies like Splint and Wealt.

Step 2: Once the collection is filled, we custody the assets on behalf of shareholders

We acquire the assets and store them within a third-party bonded warehouse.

Step 3: We monitor the market on behalf of shareholders

We track the market and keep you updated on performance via email and the platform.

Step 4: Sale and Distributions

When the time is right to maximise returns, we sell the assets and distribute the returns pro rata.

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